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Our mission

People all over the world are building movements to create a better future. They work outside traditional institutions and business models, employing new tools and ways of collaborating to make a difference. We call these people New Citizens and believe they should be celebrated.

The New Citizen is an online publication that highlights the emergence of new citizen-led initiatives and provides readers with an insight into how their successes can be replicated.

Who we are

The New Citizen is a global collective of impatient dreamers who realise the future won't fix our problems unless we build it.

Xavier is the founder of Open Collective. He loves vegan burritos.

- Xavier Damman co-founder

Jesse is a writer and editor. He loves hot places that have shisha.

- Jesse Onslow Norton co-founder

Lauren Razavi is an award-winning journalist. She loves cheese and onion crisps.

- Lauren Razavi advisor